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Facial Recognition System

Access Control Through Facial Recognition Security System

Offer a biometric authentication solution through facial recognition security system for every individual at your door.

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What is Facial Recognition System?

A biometric identification device which is used to verify someone’s identity. It is one of the most modern technologies for secure access, which has become more and more popular in recent years.

Face recognition systems have many benefits for an organization to utilize. Companies are utilizing CERTIFY SnapXT a facial recognition system, in their reception to provide a seamless login experience to their customers, especially their vendors and visitors.


Face scanner for Vendors

It is essential for any vendors to visit other companies more than once. Some companies require vendors to register manually every time they visit, and this will lead vendors to major frustration.

SnapXT eliminates this long and boring process by offering you a simple and secure device that requires no human intervention.

With CERTIFY Snap, vendors can now easily access your facility within seconds by scanning their faces at the device.

Facial recognition system for vendors
for visitors management solutions

Visitor access through Face reader

For regulating a visitors check-in process, the organization should place a dedicated person who mandates all the visitor's activities such as check-in and out timings, recording all the places the guest visited, etc. This Process will require both visitors and the organization to spend a lot of time and energy.

With CERTIFY Snap, provide your visitors and all the individuals walking to your reception with a secure and convenient check-in process and a centralized portal for the organization to manage all access of your visitors through a face scanner, offering them the best experience.


Benefits of using CERTIFY Facial Recognition Security System

  • Increases the safety of the whole company
  • Rapid identification confirmation
  • Faster and agile registrations and access
  • Simple and effective device for all kinds of businesses
  • Checking-in is safe and convenient.
  • Cost-efficient and handy tool for management

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Facial recognition security for employees

In today's world, it has become important for organizations to have a system that can accurately identify employees as they enter and exit the workplace. The face scanner does this by scanning the faces of employees and matching them against a database of pre-existing images.

Organizations can easily integrate CERTIFY Facial Recognition technologies into existing infrastructure.

CERTIFY Snap gives you an extended version from not only just managing attendance, but you can also monitor all activities and access the employee performed inside your facility. Have the power to provide or deny access if required.

Access management for employees Manage employees with CERTIFY SnapXT

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Facial recognition is a form of biometric security. This technology can be used to identify a person by comparing the facial features of the person with that of others in a database.

Facial recognition technology is used for security and identification purposes. It can also be utilized for other purposes such as fraud prevention, asset maintenance and attendance tracking.

Anywhere that requires biometric security system, a face scanner is always a good option. It can also be implemented in places like airports, police departments, offices and other government buildings.

CERTIFY Snap face scanner device is contactless and it is more secure than other access control devices. User just needs to scan his/her face at the device and rest of the process is automated.

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