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Tap-and-Go Access Control through RFID Cards

For all various sorts of industries, we provide a range of access control services, including RFID card solutions.


RFID, adaptable solutions for all sites

CERTIFY.me RFID cards are one of the most convenient methods of access control. It is a card that has a built-in RFID chip and antenna which can be read by an RFID reader from a distance. It is also called contactless smart card or proximity card.

CERTIFY.me RFID technology can be used for many different purposes including identifying people and maintaining inventory and authenticating access for workstations.

RFID technology are used in various industries and sectors, like banking, transportation, security and many more.

RFID Access Control systems

Customize access control for all the RFID cards holders


Focus only on growth by preventing unauthorized users


With RFID, Only right persons can have access to right locations


Why Choose CERTIFY.me RFID Solutions?

  • Fast, reliable and easy to carry
  • Quick access to doors and workstations
  • Durable in extreme temperature conditions
  • Robust solutions for all type of access control
  • Enhances the quality of workspace
  • Save money and improves revenue

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RFID systems solutions

Implementing CERTIFY Access Control in your organization

CERTIFY.me offers RFID system that helps organizations improve their efficiency in many ways. For example, it can be used as access control where an individual is granted access only when they are carrying an RFID card with them. This helps the organization maintain its security level and prevents unauthorized individuals from gaining entry onto the premises.

It always makes sures that the right person gains the right access to the right locations.


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An RFID card communicates with a device by emitting radio waves. Among the information communicated is identification information as well as data logging. During the reading process, the card reader receives and interprets the information contained in these waves.

RFID cards are useful because they can provide an easy way for people to get access to different areas. They are helpful in recording attendance, check-in and out, and customizing access to card holders. They can also help with security because the card can be tracked to see if it gets stolen or lost.

The CERTIFY.me RFID card system is widely used in access control systems to open doors, as well as in corporate offices, financial sectors, and other public places.

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