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CERTIFY Vendor Onboarding Process

Manage and enhance business relationships with your vendors at your facility with CERTIFY vendor Onboarding Process

vendor efficiency and reliability
Vendor’s Efficiency & Reliability

Implement CERTIFY Vendor to enhance vendor onboarding

Typically, the manual onboarding steps involve background checks, identity verifications, and finally vendor registrations take place. This entire manual process takes a huge amount of time. Wasting both vendor's and organizations time and energy.  

But CERTIFY Vendor management provides an easy and hands-free registration process that only takes less than a minute. This solution can improve organization efficiency and reliability of the vendors.  


Easy Solutions for all Vendor Management Process

The goal is to provide vendors with a simplified registration process so that they can focus more on the business expectations and to fulfill their obligations 

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Easy Registration

Easy-to-use registration portal for all Vendor related management for simple onboarding process.

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Secured Process

CERTIFY ensures 100% secure onboarding process for all vendors and visitors during onboarding.

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Contactless Check-In

With easy and fast access control, Vendors can check-in and check-out Hands-free into organizations.

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Improve Productivity

Onboarding process allows organizations to focus more on the work rather than investing time in the registration process.


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The Vendor Onboarding process is the set of activities a vendor must complete to become an approved supplier of a company. It includes activities such as completing a vendor application, submitting vendor contracts, providing financial information, and preparing product samples or prototypes.  

The manual onboarding process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. But with CERTIFY Vendor Management Onboard vendors, register vendors in no time.  

The benefits of Vendor Onboarding include improved communication between vendor and company, improved accountability, and faster processing of orders. Vendor Onboarding also helps to build trust between the vendor and the company and allows the vendor to become a more reliable supplier. 

No, CERTIFY.me is a brand with multiple workspacerelated products. They also offer Visitor Management, Access Control systems, an alert app, and attendance management system. Biometric facial recognition system and more.  

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