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CERTIFY PassID, a solution to workforce access

Verify vaccine credentials using questionnaires for effective access control using CERTIFY PassID mobile app to improve security and convenience

Workforce Touchless Access

How CERTIFY PassID helps Organization?

Once the member's information has been added to the portal. A unique QR code is generated for that member using CERTIFY PassID mobile app.

That member can use it to gain touchless access to an authorized location in your workplace. 

This process will allow your organization to improve efficiency and flexibility among your workforce employees.

workforce touchless access
VisitorS Authentications

Manage your dependents through CERTIFY PassID

CERTIFY PassID app allows users to enter and manage information about their dependents, such as their names, ages, and relationship to the user.

Generate a QR code for each dependent, which can be accessed via a link in the app or by scanning the code using a smartphone.

CERTIFY PassID helps reduce the risk of fraud, as the QR code or link provides a way to verify that the information is coming from a legitimate source. 


Register once for a lifetime of access

Access all your information from the palm of your hand.

CERTIFY PassID mobile App
Access Control Solution

A Digital Wallet for your vaccination certification

Use CERTIFY PassID mobile app for uploading your US standard vaccination report card and gain access to places where vaccination is mandated.

CERTIFY PassID will generate a unique QR code that verifies your identity; once you have it, you can access it at any time from the app. Complete member survey questionnaires from the convenience of your mobile device.


Access control of your workforce management


Improved security

QR codes are more secure than traditional paper-based credentials, reducing the risk of fraud or tampering.


Increased efficiency

Streamline processes, such as onboarding new visitors or verifying the identity of customers, reducing the time and resources needed to complete these tasks.


Enhanced convenience

Access and verify online, making it easier for employees, partners, and customers to access the workplace they need.


Cost savings

Organizations can save money by reducing the need for paper-based documents, also the cost of printing and distributing them


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Do You Have Any Questions?

CERTIFY PassID is a digital badge platform that offers enterprises to provide their workforce employees with seamless signing-in experience.

With CERTIFY PassID, the organization access control that corresponds to a specific area or resource that the user needs to access is created via a QR code link. Using CERTIFY PassID mobile app, they can access the QR code and gain access to your facility securely.

CERTIFY PassID mobile app is used to manage access for a variety of users in your workspace including employees, admins, managers, and customers. The app can be configured to grant access based on specific criteria, such as the user’s identity, role, or location.

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