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Touchless Workforce Management with CERTIFY Flow

Easily manage your workforce and sync member data throughout your organization and provide a touchless workforce management to your users with CERTIFY Flow


Provide your vendors a seamless workforce environment

Sync vendor information using CERTIFY Flow and have a consistent, up-to-date view of your vendor’s data. This will help to reduce errors and improve the accuracy of your vendor records.

Streamline vendor management with central repository for vendor data that is automatically synced with other systems, you can avoid the need to manually enter data in multiple places.

Once the data is added to the system provide your vendors a touchless workforce management to your facility.

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Visitor-Management touchless solutions

Create a seamless workforce environment for your visitors

You'll receive an accurate, consistent view of visitor data by syncing visitor information across all your organization's portals with CERTIFY Flow.

Add visitors' data and have a clear view of your quest's information and be more accurate and less prone to errors.

Your visitors will experience a touchless workflow with SnapXT's, which allows you to manage their access across your organization. 


Syncing your members with CERTIFY Flow


Improved accuracy

Syncing a member portal with other portals ensures that you have a consistent, up-to-date view of your member data.


Streamlined processes

Avoid the need to manually enter data in multiple places. Streamline workforce management with CERTIFY Flow.


Enhanced communication

Easier to communicate with members about events, updates, and other important matters.


Improved member experience

Syncing a member portal can help to improve the member experience by enabling you to provide personalized service and support to members.

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Unique and Unified Workforce Management System

Use CERTIFY Flow seamless Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems which is designed to help businesses manage customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. CERTIFY Flow's built-in synchronization capabilities allows you to update member data in one place and have it automatically synced to all connected portals and applications.


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With CERTIFY Flow the syncing of members’ information can be automated. Which saves time and effort, as manual processes are no longer needed.

  • Security: Can provide better security and privacy protection than traditional methods.
  • Accessibility: Organization will have easy access to the information they need.
  • Automation: With an application, the syncing of members’ information can be automated. This saves time and effort, as manual processes are no longer needed.

In order to ensure that all members have touchless access to workforce management and that all members are kept in the loop. CERTIFY Flow helps organizations keep things simple when adding members into the system. There is no need to add again if the information is already added to the portal.

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