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CERTIFY Vendor Credentialing

CERTIFY Vendor Credentialing process eliminates errors and missteps by requiring individual vendors to comply with the organization's policy requirements.


Vendor Credentialing for Certifying Vendors

Streamline Vendor credentialing in your organization to verify the credentials and qualifications of your vendors.

With CERTIFY.me, you can verify a vendor's credentials, such as a background check, professional license, certification, and health certificate. 

The CERTIFY Vendor program allows vendors to complete all the training required by the organization. So that your vendor is up to date with the events and policy requirements of the organization.

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How CERTIFY Vendor Credentialing will benefit you and your organization

CERTIFY Vendor performance monitoring system can help you ensure that processes and procedures are being followed by vendors correctly, which can help the organization increase overall productivity.

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Stay Compliant to Policies

Ensure that vendors are qualified and compliant to provide services with any applicable laws and regulations.

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Training Requirements

Keep up to date with the security policies enforced by the organization by completing all required training.

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Transparency to Vendors

Allows organizations to manage their vendors and ensure that they are dealing with reliable partners

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Streamline Onboarding Process

Credentialing can help organizations save time and money by streamlining the onboarding process for new vendors.

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Why do you need CERTIFY Vendor?

Foster solid, long-term relationships with vendors to support the organization's aims and objectives. Establish clear roles, duties, and expectations for both sides, as well as assessing and analyzing vendor performance on a regular basis to ensure that they are fulfilling the needs of the company.


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An organization or individual providing goods or services to another is trusted by verifying and evaluating their qualifications and credentials.

The goal of vendor credentialing is to ensure that the vendor has the skills, experience, and qualifications to perform the required work and meet the organization’s standards.

Vendor credentialing typically includes a review of the vendor’s relevant certifications or licenses. It may also include background checks on the vendor’s employees and a review of the vendor’s policies and procedures. It gives a clear view on who enters your organization and if that vendor is vetted properly.

CERTIFY Vendor management is often considered the one true solution for managing vendors because it provides a structured and comprehensive approach to managing vendor relationships. It helps organizations to effectively and efficiently receive the goods and services they need to operate effectively.

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