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Fever detection with CERTIFY SnapXT

For fever detection, Organization use SnapXT thermal imaging to quickly and non-invasively screen individuals for elevated body temperatures and provide access based on pre-defined threshold.


How workforce utilize CERTIFY SnapXT

Many workforces' managements use CERTIFY Thermal imaging technology to help ensure the health and safety of employees by quickly detecting elevated body temperature.

CERTIFY SnapXT is useful in situations where it is not possible to take the temperature of every employee using a traditional thermometer, such as at a factory or other large workplace.

CERTIFY SnapXT fever detection device helps identify employees' high body temperature and can prevent the spread of illness within the workplace.

Only those with a steady temperature and those who fall inside the predetermined threshold will be given access.

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Improve workforce productivity with CERTIFY Snap

CERTIFY SnapXT technology for thermal imaging for fever detection helps organizations identify employees who can be sick and in need of further medical evaluation or treatment, which can prevent the spread of illness within the workplace.

CERTIFY SnapXT also ensures that sick employees are not allowed in the office and potentially spread illness to their coworkers, which can help reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.


CERTIFY SnapXT fever detection system offers various benefits to the organization.


Touchless Sign in

Touchless sign-in makes them a non-invasive way to measure temperature. Scan the user's face on the device and gain access instantly.



Reliable way to measure temperature, even at a distance. Thermal imaging devices are typically very accurate.



Measure the temperature of your user instantly, making it a fast way to gather temperature data.



Thermal imaging does not emit any radiation, making it a safe tool for measuring temperature.


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Fever detection through thermal imaging is a technology that uses infrared radiation to detect changes in temperature. It is used to detect the heat generated by objects or people and can detect temperature changes in the environment. Thermal imaging can be used to identify hot spots, detect motion, and to see in the dark. It is used in many industries, including security, medical, industrial, and military applications.
Fever detection through thermal imaging technology can be beneficial to organizations in several ways. Thermal imaging technology can quickly and easily screen large groups of people for fever, without the need for physical contact or the use of traditional thermometers. This can be particularly useful in settings where there is a need to screen a large number of people, such as at airports or large events.

Useful in situations where it is not possible or practical to use a traditional thermometer, such as when measuring the temperature for multiple people. By utilizing thermal imaging, CERTIFY SnapXT can detect fever in employees, which can prevent the spread of illness within the workplace.

Fever detection system can be used to monitor the temperature of employees in the workplace, which can help identify potential issues before they become serious problems. This can help improve efficiency and productivity by reducing downtime and disruptions in the workflow. Thermal imaging can also be used to screen employees for fever, which can help reduce absenteeism and improve overall health and safety in the workplace.

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