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CERTIFY Attend, Time and Attendance solution for your enterprise

Empower your enterprise with real-time attendance software and automate your workforce management to deliver the best place-to-work-on platform. 


Deploy CERTIFY Attend’s standalone or integration software for any infrastructure

CERTIFY Attend offers a stand-alone time and attendance system for companies who need only for exporting employees' timings for generating their payrolls.  

We are also designed to integrate with any HRMS system and offer you a user-friendly interface for both employees and your organizations. 

Workforce Management Software

Elevate Work-Life Flexibility for your Employees

Govern workforce management in your organization. CERTIFY Attend improves work-life balance by providing employees and managers with tools and insights to manage their time and attendance more effectively.

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Touchless sign in

Employee check-in is done hands-free in your lobby using the CERTIFY SnapXT device.

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Stay compliant with industry regulation and labor-related policy with CERTIFY Attend.

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Workplace Protection

Use the CERTIFY SnapXT touchless technology to create a safe workplace environment for your employees.


Build a Better Workforce Platform for your employees

Easily manage your workforce through CERTIFY Attend. We help the organization capture their employees’ attendance through a facial recognition device, which allows employees to enjoy touchless attendance entry. 


Integrations and Workforce Management

Integrate, streamline and improve your workforce management with CERTIFY Attend, and move forward towards increased efficiency, accuracy, and greater compliance. 

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Multiple Check-in Methods

CERTIFY Attend offers multiple check-in types, like Face, Mobile QR code, RFID Cards, and Thermal Imaging.

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Payroll Management

Manage your organization's payroll activities and ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.

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Smart Integrations

Our flawless Integration with ADP and Kronos makes CERTIFY Attend a seamless integration experience to enterprises.

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2-Factor Authentication for Security

For safe access to your organization, CERTIFY Attend empowers your employees with 2-Factor Authentication.

Facial recognition and workforce management
Facial Recognition for Workforce Management

Manage your employee attendance with SnapXT

When the face is your key, chances are less for fraudulent activities. With the CERTIFY SnapXT device, people in your organization are prevented from time theft and buddy punching.  

Leverage our biometric facial recognition solution to streamline your workforce management and eliminate any fraudulent practices. 

Other Services

Additional Services Offered by CERTIFY.me


Simple platform to manage all vendor information.


Optimized Thermal & Facial recognition solutions


Your Physical Access Control System Solution.


Your office mates personal security system.


Your one-stop solution for Visitor Management.


Advantages of CERTIFY Attend Software

Explore CERTIFY Attend, an innovative and adaptable platform, that includes enterprise and workforce solutions to help you reimagine the work experience for your employees.

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Automated Time Tracking System

Managing your employees' time and attendance has never been easier.

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Reduce Manual Effort

User-friendly automation process for check in and out, avoid manual registering.

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Improve productivity

Instead of spending time manually recording attendance, focus on productivity.

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Check-in On the go

Enter your facility, scan your face at the device, your check-in is now done. Easy!


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Time and attendance software is used to track and manage the time that employees spend at work. This software can be used to automate the process of recording and tracking employee attendance, and it can help ensure that employees are paid accurately and on time.
CERTIFY Attend offers organizations to streamline their employee signing process. It also helps them improve accuracy in capturing time and attendance, enhance overall productivity, streamline payroll, and Improve compliance.

There are several reasons why an enterprise should acquire CERTIFY Attend time and attendance software: To accurately track your employee attendance and hours worked. To reduce administrative burden. Manually tracking employee attendance can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. a time and attendance software can help an enterprise improve efficiency and productivity.

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