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Visitor Management System

Paperless Management System with CERTIFY Lobby

Make it faster and more efficient for your visitors with digital registration and allow entry seamlessly into your building.

Digital registration
Digital Registration

Why do organizations need Paperless Management System?

Manually registering and verifying the identity of visitors using paper-based forms and physical documents can be time-consuming and prone to errors and may require additional resources such as staff to manage the paperwork.

On the other hand, CERTIFY Lobby’s paperless visitor onboarding refers to the process of registering and verifying the identity of visitors using electronic forms and online identity verification services. This process can be more efficient and accurate and may require fewer resources to manage.


How you can benefits from CERTIFY Lobby

  • Keep it all in one location
  • Enhance visitor onboarding experience
  • Environmentally friendly for organization
  • Enhance data accuracy in your enterprise
  • Increase additional security for key documents
  • Eliminate printing and storage costs.
  • Improve employees' attendance in onboarding forms
  • Improve precision and consistency in overall visitor management

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Onboard members using Face scanner at the reception

CERTIFY.me offers SnapXT, a unified facial recognition system to register and verify the identity of visitors.

Just have your visitors stand in front of our face scanner device, which captures their image and compares it to a database of known faces.

Our device matches the visitor's face to a record in the database, and the visitor's identity can be verified.

Facial recognition system at reception
Facial Recognition system with speed and accuracy

Experience Speed, Accuracy and Security with CERTIFY Snap

Speed: SnapXT, a facial recognition system, is a fast and efficient way to verify identity, as it can be done quickly and automatically.

Accuracy: CERTIFY Snap offers accuracy, and it is very reliable in many ways to verify identity.

Security: Improve security in your organization by providing a temper-proof way to verify identity.


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Paperless management system refers to the process of registering and verifying the identity of visitors to an organization, without requiring them to fill out paper forms or provide physical documents. Instead, the process is fully digital, and may involve the use of electronic forms, online identity verification services, and other technologies.

The goal of paperless visitor onboarding is to streamline the process of registering visitors, vendors and customers, reduce the amount of paperwork involved, and improve security by using electronic methods to verify identity. It can also be more environmentally friendly, as it reduces the use of paper.

Digital visitor onboarding offers several advantages over manual onboarding, including increased efficiency, cost savings, improved security, and a better visitor experience. It only requires a smarter investment in technology and training, and that is suitable for all organizations.

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