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We have restructured the admin portal menu items for better user experience. Kindly refer the below path.

Old PathNew Path
Visitor Management
Ad Sync
Institution Settings
Institution Settings > Device
Institution Settings > Touchless Workflow
Institution Settings > Auto Scheduler
Institution Settings > Notifications
Institution Settings > Facility Management
Institution Settings > Manage Group
Institution Settings > QR Code OpenLink
Institution Settings > Manage Certify Alert
Institution Settings > Mass Announcement
Configuration > Account System
Configuration > Form Options
Configuration > Member Type
Configuration > User Role
Configuration > API Management
Configuration > Integration
Configuration > Languages
Configuration > SAML
Configuration > Custom Fields
Member Management > Members
Device Management > Devices
Visitor Management > Visitor Report
User Management > Users
System Configuration > AD Sync
Institution Management
Devices > Device Settings
Workflow Management > Workflow Settings
Workflow Management > Auto Scheduler
Workflow Management > Notifications
Institution Management > Facility Management
Member Management > Member Group
Workflow Management > QR Code OpenLink
Certify Alert > Certify Alert Setting
Member Management > Member Broadcast
System Configuration > Account
System Configuration > Member Form Options
System Configuration > Member Type
User Management > User Role
System Configuration > API Management
System Configuration > Integration
System Configuration > Languages
System Configuration > SAML
System Configuration > Member Custom Data