CEO & Co-founder

Marc Potash

As Founder and CEO, Marc Potash helps drive the innovation and direction of CERTIFY. Coming from a software background as the founder of the successful payment platform SecureNet, Marc is no stranger to disrupting industries through technology. His focus on creating technology to move the world forward through user-friendly and innovative technology making him the perfect partner because it ensures your technology investment is continuously innovating. His drive for disrupting industry likely stems from the many years of martial arts training, discipline, and competition . When he is not focused on running CERTIFY, it is likely to catch Marc on the slopes or watching his kids play hockey.

Marc Potash is the Founder and Managing Partner of The Potash Group as well the Founder & Chairman of CERTIFY. Prior to The Potash Group & CERTIFY, Marc was the founder and CEO of SecureNet, a leading payment processing company.

Founded in 2012, CERTIFY is the leading Authentication platform. The CERTIFY platform represents the critical link in establishing absolute identity for transactions between consumers and leading businesses worldwide. CERTIFY provides Biometrics to clients as an integrated solution, which improves the customer experience while simultaneously reducing the risk of fraud.

At CERTIFY, Marc is responsible for the overall growth and performance of the company, maintaining prescient strategic vision, assembling a world-class team, and creating game-changing enterprise partnerships.

The CERTIFY vision is at the intersection of Biometrics and payments. After spending 15-years as a technology leader in the payment space, Marc noticed the need for a VISA-like platform for identification and authorization via biometric indicators.

Prior to CERTIFY, Marc was the Founder & CEO of SecureNet.

SecureNet represents a classic “something from nothing” startup story that began in Marc’s apartment back in 1997. In order to fund his tuition to Chiropractic school, Marc taught karate to children & adults. The studios ultimately grew to over 800 students and he needed a better way to bill his students. Thus, he set upon a course to build the world’s first web-based recurring billing application. SecureNet ultimately grew the recurring billing concept into an industry-leading payment platform. Tens of thousands of merchants have utilized the SecureNet platform, including Wells Fargo, GEICO, Ameriprise Financial and Schwan Foods.

SecureNet represented a true end-to-end payment processor – one that had direct processing relationships with VISA, MC, American Express, and Discover. Cash-flow from happy customers was the funding source of SecureNet – no outside capital of any kind was required for its growth. Marc successfully exited the SecureNet business in 2012 and immediately launched CERTIFY.